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Underlining health conditions, or maybe you want to lose 20 pounds or more around your mid-section or perhaps you want to get in the best shape of your life. We believe that Battleflex 24/7 Home Door Gym is the PERFECT SOLUTION.


With this new, fun and innovative way of working out you will burn more calories in one single workout than anything that is on the market. This is because you are working your upper and lower body parts simultaneously. You will be engaging your abdominal muscles (your core) in the majority of your exercises. Your abdominal muscle is not only the center of your body, but it is also the center of your health.

Your entire body will get the maximum workout while using the resistant bands. The bands force your body to maintain stability throughout the entire movement. This engages multiple muscles simultaneously so that your entire body receives a workout in a shortest amount of time. With over 15 exercises to mix and match from you can personalize and design your 7-minute regiment workout to fit your health and fitness needs.

BENEFITS of Battleflex 24/7

-It tightens and tones your entire body

-Improves flexibility and mobility

-Helps with weight control

-Balance and coordination

-Lower blood pressure

-Stronger muscles

-Leaner body

-Helps with stress

-Improve mood

-Better sleep

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