Overcoming Diabetes

Do you have Diabetes? Well Battleflex 24/7 was designed with you in mind!
If you have back problems or trouble getting up and down from the floor to work your abs, Battleflex 24/7 is the perfect solution!
It pays to get your core muscles,  the muscles around your mid-section and pelvis in better shape, if only to keep your balance.  Having a strong body core means you’ll be better able to manage any physical undertaking, even just grocery shopping or a round of golf. In addition, core exercises is an important part of your overall well-being!
"Your midsection is not
only the center of your
body but it's also the
center of your health!"
These exercises are critical for people with diabetes who may have weak core muscles, altered gait and balance, and central and peripheral nerve damage.  If you lose your core strength, it will affect your ability to do all activities of daily living, including walking and living independently.

By including the Battleflex 24/7 regiment to your day, this will assist in the regulatory of good insulin balance in your body and hence regulate the potential for diabetes. 

For best results, do these exercises at least 2 or 3 nonconsecutive days per week. (your muscles need a day or two off to fully recover and get stronger...just don’t do them right before you go do another physical activity to prevent fatigue or increase your risk of injury.

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